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07. Financial Reporting – FR/F7

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Financial Reporting : You’ll develop knowledge and skills in understanding and applying accounting standards and the theoretical framework in the preparation of financial statements of entities, including groups and how to analyze and interpret those financial statements.

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16 reviews for 07. Financial Reporting – FR/F7

  1. Ayesha

    The subject is taught so well that all aspects are completely covered and by the end of the classes you’ll remember most of the topics without having to study.

  2. Mariam Firdous

    His explanation is so smooth and perfect that you understand it so well that you’ll remember. The Marathon Revision classes were very helpful.

  3. Safura Basith

    This is my most favourite subject out of all the papers of ACCA. The syllabus is so well conceptually delivered that you’ll definitely score not only good marks but also gain the practical knowledge.

    My lecturer Sai Manikanta sir always believe in helping and guiding students in every possible way. I took classes for all the skills level papers of ACCA from Manikanta sir and now I am in professional level. The sessions are conducted with two way communication inviting the participation of the students always. The classes are so much fun by learning the hard papers in the easiest way possible. He always Focuses on the knowledge and application of skills rather than just learning and clearing the exams.

  4. Krupa

    This course is knowledge oriented and conceptual and prepares you to more than just pass your exam. It lays good foundation for professional papers. It is easy yet sophisticated enough for professional exams like ACCA.

  5. Sharon Alick

    I’ve learnt Financial Reporting (FR), Audit & Assurance (AA) and Financial Management (FM) papers of ACCA under the guidance of Manikanta Sir till date.
    He is by far one of the best teachers I’ve had the privilege of coming across. He changes the existing thought paradigm. He makes you see things from a different perspective.
    The whole concept of rote learning is replaced by actual understanding of concepts and applying them in real life situations. There’s immense amount of knowledge he has to offer apart from the set curriculum and printed materials. He is so upbeat and energetic that it’s almost contagious. The environment he creates is friendly yet challenging. He is indeed a great asset as a mentor.

  6. Megha Lohia

    I have taken lectures for Performance Management (F5), Financial Reporting (F7), Audit and Assurance (F8), Financial Management (F9) papers in skills level from Manikanta Sir and I have cleared all these papers in the first attempt.

    ACCA is all about understanding the essence of the subjects and being capable of applying it at work. Under the mentorship of Manikanta Sir, I learnt the real meaning of that.
    Ensuring I understand and build a strong base in the subjects and allowing me to fire millions of doubts if needed, the encouragement from him has been truly motivating.
    The classes are very friendly and full of real life examples to understand and connect to the subjects better.
    This entire experience of learning was made so easy as he provided all the resources and guided me at every step.
    I am grateful to him for being a constant support system and an inspiration to continue learning every single day.

  7. Sri Vidya P

    I dedicate a large part of my ACCA’s success to Manikanta sir. I have taken F7, F8, and F9 lectures from him and cleared all these papers in my first attempt. I have recently taken SBR lectures and cleared my paper.
    The flawlessness of his teaching and the passion with which he teaches are something very unique. He always focuses on keeping the fundamentals strong and that is something everyone should take as a lesson for life. The life experiences that he shares as examples are worth more than anything else. He shares lots of other information related to current happenings and what skills you must possess when you step in professional world, which personally, I think, is very important. A person who possesses such vast knowledge not only in Financial management or Financial reporting, but in other fields also, that I can think of is none other than Manikanta sir.

    Though Sir always say, “Motivation doesn’t really work”, ironically, he is the source of inspiration and motivation to lot of students. “Thank you” won’t be enough sir.

  8. Nikitha Sammeta

    I just love the way of teaching by Manikanta Sir. He not only just complete his task but he tries to give various examples so that students can grasp the topic and understand them. Mainly in FR he has divided all the standards as a each chapter instead of just explaining as a subtopics where we the “students” can have brief knowledge and idea about each standards. Really a big hats off to the wonderful lecturer who has lots of patience and courage.

  9. Yash Vardhan Gupta

    I would like this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed studying under the guidance of Manikanta sir. I took lectures for almost all fundamental papers of Acca from him. He is one of the most knowledgeable and chilled out faculty you could ever meet. It always felt like i am understanding the subject rather than learning it. Many students tend to forget the subject once they have cleared the exam, but our classes were focused more on Concepts, Basics, practical examples rather than book based theory which helped us in remembering every topic taught by him.

    Papers studied from Manikanta Sir : Performance Management (F5), Taxation (F6), Financial Reporting (F7), Financial Management (F9), Advanced Performance Management (APM)

  10. Janhvi Kabra

    I am so glad I found a teacher like you for my first ever ACCA paper- Financial Reporting (F7). The method of teaching was so distinguished that I didn’t had to look at it any other way. Thank you Sir for always guiding us like a friend!

    – Currently doing Financial Management (F9) and APM classes as well.

  11. Nidhi Bisoyi

    Glad to have come across Global Fin X before I officially start my ACCA journey. Kinda regret knowing about it little later in life. There’s a reason people start here and end their journey here. The cooperation from Sai sir and Global Fin X’s admin team has been very supporting since the beginning. Anytime, any day, guidance required for any topic, sir is available to us. Well, what more a student needs. Dreaded subjects doesn’t seem so bad because of Sai sir. 👻 From personal attention given to every kid, to motivating sessions when we go weak, name it, you will find it here.😻🙌
    Thank you.

  12. Nitisha

    This is the first time I am taking FR and AA classes from Manikanta Sir. I really admire his teaching . He make sure to have practical knowledge on the subject . He goes on to give practical daily life examples to have better understanding of the concept. The concepts are very clearly understandable. His mentorship is beyond our expectation in giving constant support when ever we need.
    I am glad to be a part of GLOBAL FIN X. Fun-filled learning with practical knowledge is essential to boost our success in professional field like ACCA . Classes are really helping me out in learning subject with interest .

  13. K. Rahul

    The best tutor I’ve ever met. More of a friend that a tutor. Explains everything very clearly for every student and clarifies all doubts regarding subject and also suggests how to do it.

  14. Kusum

    Manikanta Sir’s classes are the most professional classes I’ve been to and who has an unmatched level of knowledge about the subject. I’m glad he’s taking ACCA classes or else I wouldn’t know from where I would have continued with my ACCA degree.

  15. Saichand Chowdary

    He is a lecturer who is passionate about teaching and give his students a quality education. He treats his students in a very friendly manner. He gave me solutions to my confused path. Actually, I’m a slow learner and the way sir explains the topics and give examples is so good that i can easily understand the topics with no effort. I’m really glad to have a tutor like him.

  16. Nadia Mazher

    I started My journey with this paper. Never could have imagined passing F7 if i wouldn’t have taken classes from Manikanta sir. He makes every student so comfortable with the subject and easy to understand. A paper like financial Reporting could become all fun only at Global FinX.
    Indeed blessed to have a mentor like him whose very friendly and also an intriguing intellect. With Global FinX and Manikanta sir there is only growth; in personality, knowledge and your goals towards life.😅

    Thank you sir for being the best mentor. 😄

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FR - Financial Reporting07. Financial Reporting – FR/F7