Lectures - Modes and Details

  • On successful enrollment for the lectures with Global Fin X, the students shall be provided with credentials and a link to download the Software/App.
  • Students can access the lectures through Windows PCs, Laptops, Android mobiles, Android tablets, Macbooks, IOS on I-Phones and I-Pads. (Any one PC/Laptop and one mobile/Tab/Ipad)
  • You can login with your account only on one device at a time.
  1. By default the students will be given access till the exam window for which they enroll.
  2. In case of issues where student is unable to appear for the exam or couldn’t clear the exam, the validity of the lectures will be extended on request for free
  • Any particular lecture can be opened unlimited number of times by the student, but the total watch duration will be restricted to 3x of the duration of the lecture.
  • For example, a one hour lecture (60 Mins) can be watched for a total play duration of 3 hours (180 Mins).
  • Lets say a lecture video is for a total duration of 60 minutes. The student can play it for a maximum of 180 minutes. If he/she starts watching the lecture and plays the video for 20 minutes and closes the video, the student will be left with 160 minutes of watch time left.
  • The student can use that 160 minutes to either rewatch from the beginning or resume from where they left off.
  • On successful enrollment the student will be given a google drive link consisting of all the required resources including soft copies of the relevant materials.
  • A PDF copy of the Digital class notes will also be available to the students.  
  • All relevant materials, Past papers, Mock exam links, and other resources will be shared through the telegram group to the students. 
  • The students are advised to join our subject wise telegram groups. We share all latest updates, notifications, announecments etc via the students groups. 
  • Students can contact respective faculty for all their doubts over Telegram either through personal messages or through the students group.
  • In certain cases, students can contact the faculty on WhatsApp for their doubts. 
  • The explanations to the doubts shall be sent by the faculty as a voice note over to the students. 

The Faculties shall conduct live sessions based on certain requirements such as 

  • Updates in the syllabus.
  • Changes or additions made to the content in the lectures.
  • Updates released by ACCA such as FAQ’s etc. 
  • Few days before the exam for a quick revision and providing exam tips and suggestions etc

Lectures Fee Details - Paper wise

Sl. NoPaper CodePaper NameExam Fee in GBPExam Fee in INR (Approx)Coaching Fee for GFXEnrollment Link
1BTBusiness and Technology8480808000NA
2MAManagement Accounting8480808000NA
3FAFinancial Accounting8480808000NA
4LWCorporate and Business Law1291212010500NA
5PMPerformance Management1291212010500Enroll
7FRFinancial Reporting1291212010500Enroll
8AAAudit and Assurance1291212010500Enroll
9FMFinancial Management1291212010500Enroll
10SBLStrategic Business Leader2272211915500Enroll
11SBRStrategic Business Reporting1621575615500Enroll
12AFMAdvanced Financial Management1621575615500Enroll
13APMAdvanced Performance Management1621575615500Enroll
14ATXAdvanced Taxation1621575615500NA
15AAAAdvanced Audit and Assurance1621575615500Enroll
Total1901182103130000Various Discounts and Scholarships are available on the Tuition fee part based on merit of the student.